Blues JammingOut on Wednesday Nights

If you have been following this blog for a while, you know I often go to the JammingOut at HOB.  I can’t always get to the other jams around town, so I try to make it to this one as often as I can.  It’s always good and often there are newcomers to the jam who rock the night.  There were quite a few musicians there who I hadn’t seen before.

One of them was Maria Woodard, a jazz and Latin singer in San Diego, who got up and did a number of tunes.  Here she is singing the Fats Domino song Kansas City.  With her on stage was Rich Giglio and Doyle Thomas on guitars, Tom Safreed on harmonica, Dale Davis on bass and Steve Douglas on drums.

Nick Butterfield was back again, and he gave us an awesome performance of that great Creedence Clearwater Revival cover tune Born on the Bayou.  He’s joined by Rich on guitar, Dale on bass, Dave Good on saxophone, Richie Strell playing the accordion, Reggie Ford on drums, and I’m not sure who was playing the harmonica.  Enjoy!

Later, Harmonica John Frazer played and sang Steve Miller band cover song Your Cash Ain’t Nothing But Trash with Will Lovalot on guitar, Steve Welles on bass, and I believe it was Max on drums.

San Diego Blues

Good Night at JammingOut at HOB

I got to the blues jam late, but I still caught a few sets with musicians who have become regulars at the jam.

Here is Rich Giglio performing cover song Jump Jive An’ Wail, supported by Junya Isogawa on guitar, Victor Franklin on bass, David Lewis on harmonica and local newcomer to the jam, Jonathon Bachelor on drums, who says he’ll be back!

Next up on stage was Nicholas Butterfield playing guitar and singing cover song Fire, with Judd Austin on guitar, Lisa Viegas on drums, Kevin Cooper on bass.

And then they did cover song Freight Train.

San Diego Blues




San Diego Blues Calendar: May 26th – June 1st

Blues Calendar - May 26

Memorial Day kicks off another full week of blues around town. This week most of the live blues is at the Gaslamp SpeakEasy, Patrick’s Pub and Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge. So it’s a bit light, but still lots of good music every single night.

At JammingOut at HOB this Wednesday there will be a local featured band, as they do now the last Wednesday of the month. This time it is Bi-Polar Express, who is also playing at the Harley Davidson in Little Italy next Saturday from noon-1:30.

And we have a band coming in from out of town on Sunday night, the Terry Hanck band (Terry plays sax) – based out of San Francisco, which will be playing at Patrick’s. They won the blues category in the International Songwriting Competition last year and are now back out on tour. I checked out their website, and they sound great!

JammingOut at HOB Kicks Off 2nd Year

Every Wednesday night, “JammingOut at HOB” hosts a blues jam that has developed a wonderful following in its first year, and this past Wednesday they celebrated their 1st anniversary downstairs at the House of Blues.  It was a fun evening, and here are some videos I got – the lighting wasn’t great so its a bit dark and grainy, but most of it is good.

Here is Dona Aguinaldo, one of a number of wonderful female vocalists that night, who got up to sing Etta James’ cover At Last.  Wow!  I just wish the lighting had been better… On stage with her (and doing their own jamming solos) is Bob Sortillon (standing next to her) and Rich Giglio on guitars, Tom Safreed on harmonica, Dave Lindgren on bass, and Steve Douglas on drums.  Bob, Rick and Dave also each sang some great songs, but the videos didn’t turn out.

Then Christine Gilardi performed Bonnie Rait’s cover song Love Me Like a Man.  She rocks it with Somerset Barnard on guitar, Tom Safreed on harmonica, Yasha Susoeff on sax, Victor Franklin on bass and Michael Minor on drums.

Afterwards Victoria Wasserman got up with them and nailed it with that so familiar BB King (amongst others) cover song Stormy Monday.

Somerset Barnard, visiting from Brisbane Australia for a few weeks, got us up and dancing to another favorite, Got My Mojo Working.

And to end the evening we had Len Rainey, a favorite local bluesman, take the stage and sing, as only Len can do it, the cover song Kiddio.  He’s joined by Doyle Thomas on guitar, Kevin Cooper on keyboards, Michael Minor on drums, David Lewis on harps – as well as Steve Lang.  Again the video is a bit dark, even after lightening it up as much as I could.

The final song brought Lafayette Falkquay on the stage to join Len on bass, and they had a fun exchange as they performed Slow Down Baby together.

I only captured a bit of the evening.  We also had a number of brass players (more sax, trumpet and trombone), and other performers who made it a special anniversary evening.

Next week the jam is back upstairs, but it starts 2 hours later at 9pm (for just this week).
San Diego Blues

San Diego Blues Calendar: May 19th – 25th

Blues Calendar - May 19 This week we have a nice mix of blues – from straight up blues to blues mixed in with zydeco, swing, jazz, R&B and soul.  Silky Sol is new in town – from St. Louis, and she has an amazing soul voice (think Aretha Franklin).  You can catch her Saturday afternoon at the SpeakEasy from 2-5pm.

Jams are happening as usual on Monday (Gaslamp SpeakEasy), Tuesday (Patrick’s Pub) and Wednesday (JammingOut at House of Blues AND also at Humphrey’s), so there are two jams now happening regularly on Wednesday nights.

NOTE: JammingOut at HOB on Wednesday will start at 9pm, not 7pm – this week only.

San Diego Blues Calendar: May 12th– 18th

Blues Calendar - May 12

This is an interesting blues week.  Most of the bands that are scheduled are not fully blues, but more soul, R&B, zydeco, country and pop.  The jams will have the most straight up blues, with the exception of Christian Hastings (Mon), Lafayette (Tues) and Bill Magee’s band (Thurs) – they are all blues!

Wednesday is becoming jam night, with open mic at House of Blues, Humphrey’s and out at Proud Mary’s (in Kearney Mesa).  And of course there is Walter’s jam on Tuesday and Fuzzy’s jam on Monday.

The JammingOut/BLUSD jam at House of Blues will be held downstairs this week in the Delta Room to celebrate their 1st year anniversary.  I’ll be there for sure!

Oh What A Night JammingOut at HOB

Last night brought in a great crowd and another awesome mix of musicians at the JammingOut at HOB.  We just kept the video going as the night got better and better, and we only caught the last 2 hours of the 4 hour jam!  Most of these musicians have never played together, and often they don’t even know each other before going up on stage, so it isn’t always clean and smooth.  But everyone has a good time!

Local bass player, Shaaron Schuemaker, was singing Sam Cooke’s cover song Bring It On Home to Me in this clip.  She was joined by Jaz Jaszewski and Judd Austin on guitars, Steve Douglas on drums and Tom Safreed on harmonica, who was the recent winner of the BLUSD Spring Harpfest two weeks ago.  Congrats to Tom!

A member of the audience, Greg Loving from Indianapolis, then got up to join the folks on stage to sing cover song Falsom Prison Blues, to the delight of his other colleagues from out of town and the rest of us.  He was great!

New to the jam was Terry Padgett, who came in and sang cover songs Wish I Had a Nickle and Turn On Your Love Light, while playing guitar.  He was joined by Shaaron on bass, Nicholas Butterfield on guitar, Dennis Bucko on harmonica, and Bert Hammer (visiting from Canada) on drums.

Then Nicholas took over and sang Bill Wither’s cover song Use Me.

This was followed by Doyle Thomas playing guitar and singing his favorite Stevie Ray Vaughn cover song Pride and Joy.  He was joined by Junya Isogawa and Jacinto Castaneda on guitars, Fuzzy Rankins on bass (which is rare to see), and Jay Morris on drums.

And the night ended with Silky Sol (aka: Red Afro Queen) coming to the stage, along with Kevin Cooper on bass, Fuzzy Rankins and Mark Augustin  (host of the 88.3 Jazz/blues jam now at Proud Mary’s earlier in the evening) on guitars, and Michael Minor on drums.  They performed Jimmy Reed’s cover song Big Boss Man and then Aretha Franklin’s cover song Rock Steady.  Unfortunately both videos got cut off at the end, particularly the last video – ran out of memory taking so many videos 😉

San Diego Blues

San Diego Blues Calendar: April 28th – May 4th

Blues Calendar - Apr 28Summertime jazz is happening again at the Westgate Hotel up on the pool deck, and while this isn’t blues (as a rule), Whitney Shay will be singing there on Friday night before her quartet plays next door later on at the US Grant.

For those of you who love to swing dance to blues…  this week we have lots of swinging blues around the downtown.  Tuesday night at Humphrey’s and at Henry’s Pub, and Wednesday night at Tio Leo’s.

Charles Burton Blues Band – Special Guest at HOB Jam

The JammingOut blues jam at HOB on Wednesday nights (7-11p) now features a local band about once a month, and last night it was the Charles Burton Blues Band.  This is a fun band with a loyal following of local swing dancers (next Tuesday night he’ll be playing at Henry’s Pub which has Swing Tuesdays, and he’s often at Tio Leo’s on Thursday nights).

I’m pleased to finally have video of Charles and some of his band members.  Last night they performed a number of songs, including this cover song Stranger Blues, which is on one of Charles’ many CDs.

And here is Charles singing his rendition of Sweet Potato Pie, which is also the name of his latest CD. You can hear more sample tunes on the CD by going to TUNES on this site.

San Diego Blues

Another Good Wednesday Night Jam at HOB

We got a lot of video from last night’s jam, starting with Donna Larsen singing T-Bone Walker’s cover song Stormy Monday.  She’s joined by Doyle Thomas and Judd Austin on guitars, Tony Garrick on drums, and Avel (I think that was his first name…) on bass.

Later Victoria Wasserman sang Aretha Franklin’s cover song Chain of Fools, along with Jacinto Castaneda and Nicholas Butterfield on guitar, Dale Davis on bass and Michael Minor on drums.

And the evening ended as it always does with the house jam band back up on stage.  Here we’ve got Lafayette Falkquay and Doyle Thomas having some fun singing the great BB King cover song Every Day I Have The Blues together.  With them are Judd Austin and Junya Isogawa on guitars, Kevin Cooper on bass and Michael Minor on drums.

San Diego Blues