Talented Kids Show Up at Youth Blues Jam

Once again some incredible talented young people (up to 21 years old) showed up and played together last Saturday afternoon at the monthly BLUSD Youth Blues Jam at the Gaslamp Speakeasy.

The host musicians are Leilani Kilgore (guitar – playing over her head in this video), Tyler Ray Davidson (guitar) and Malachi Johnson (on drums).  Joining them in this video is Victor franklin, who is playing the bass guitar.

In this video, Aidan Mooney, who is only 9 years old, plays the guitar with the older teens hosting the jam – and holds his own!!

San Diego Blues

San Diego Blues Calendar: Mar 17th – 23rd

Blues Calendar - Mar 17This is a pretty typical week for the blues downtown.  Jams are on Monday-Thursday night around town, and the blues band regulars are playing at the SpeakEasy, Patrick’s, Tio Leo’s and at both Humphrey’s and Kona Kai on Shelter Island.

There is also the Youth Blues Jam on Saturday afternoon at the SpeakEasy, which is always amazing.  All kids under 21 who play blues, and there are more than you might think, are invited to the monthly open jam.  I’ve seen kids as young as 9, who are incredible.  Don’t miss it, if you are in the Gaslamp that day.  See you there!

Blues Calendar: Jan 13 – 19

Blues Calendar - Jan 13We have another full week of blues around town.  In addition to what’s on the calendar, Whitney Shay will be playing at the new Central Library (Park Blvd & J Street) this Wednesday 5:30-7:30.

And starting at 7pm that night is the Wednesday night BLUSD JammingOut on the free Voodoo Stage at House of Blues. As you can see from video I took last Wednesday, this jam brings in some great musicians.

There is also a youth jam on Saturday afternoon for kids under 22 years old at the Gaslamp SpeakEasy, which is always good.  We are hoping to see more talented kids at this blues jam, so don’t miss it if you are downtown.

Teens Sound Like Seasoned Players at Youth Blues Jam

I always enjoy coming out to hear the kids who show up at the monthly Youth Blues Jam at the SpeakEasy, which is open to people under 22 years old.  But they don’t sound like kids.  These teens are really good musicians, and they have embraced the blues.  The 3 guitarists, who often play together, will switch roles between the lead, rhythm and bass guitars, as they did today.

This first video has Leilani Kilgore (who just turned 17) playing guitar and singing, while Chase Walker (who is 15 and has his own band) played guitar, Tyler Ray Davidson (18) was on bass and Nate Hess (14) was on drums.

Next, check out Tyler Ray when he takes over the lead and Leilani switches to the bass guitar.  I still find it hard to believe these are teens.

They welcome any one who fits the age limit and wants to play with them on the first Saturday of the month (this month was an exception) from 2-5pm at the SpeakEasy.

House of Blues Jam – Youth Band Takes the Night

A group of teenagers, who have their own bands, joined together and rocked the house for almost 40 minutes last night, and they can really play the blues.

On guitar are Leilani Kilgore and Tyler Ray Davidson (who is singing), on bass is Randon Davitt, and on drums Matt Fyke.  These kids also come and jam at the SpeakEasy the first Saturday of the month in the afternoon – although in December they will be playing on the 14th.  I will keep you posted with the calendar updates.