Stoney B Blues Summit Rocked the House – Stoney B & Phil Diiorio

I didn’t catch Stoney B when he had his own band on the stage during his annual blues summit Sunday, but here he is playing guitar with Phil Diiorio, who is singing I Will Never Take You Back. They are performing along with Irv Goldstein on keyboards, Chuck Arcilla on sax, Bob Prater on bass and Paul Carlomango on drums.

San Diego Blues

Huge Turnout at Gator By The Bay

If you haven’t been to the annual Gator by the Bay, add it to your list next year.  It is a 3-day festival at Spanish Landing Park (across from the airport) with 5 stages of non-stop bands, mostly zydeco but also blues, boogie and some jazz.

This was my first year, and I was impressed by how well the event is organized, the good selection of booth fair, the bands and all the shade options!!  I’m always hoping for enough shade at these outdoor events!

Here’s a good video of Annette DaBomb with the Lance Dieckmann Band (Lance on harmonica, Phil Diiorio on guitar, Bob Prater on bass and Becky Russell on drums) performing the Ray Charles cover song, Night Time is the Right Time.  Sadly the video got cut off before they finished the song, but Enjoy the 3 1/2 minutes we did get.  They sounded great on this stage.

San Diego Blues

Right Next Door at the SpeakEasy

The Lance Dieckmann Band plays until 1am at the SpeakEasy on Wednesdays, so I headed there after the HOB jam to get some more of my blues fix.  The crowd had thinned out temporarily after a busy night when they played the iconic Robert Cray cover song Right Next Door.  Lance Dieckmann has the voice for this song, and he was well supported with Phil Diiorio on lead guitar and Larry Morgan on bass guitar.

Lance and Phil Slow It Down

After HOB jam ended, I headed over to the Gaslamp SpeakEasy to catch the Lance Dieckmann Band, which is always there on Wednesday nights until 1am.

I got so caught up in dancing, I almost forgot to get some video of them until they did this nice slow song.  Lance Dieckmann on harmonica and vocals, Phil Diiorio on guitar and Larry Morgan on bass.

Lance Dieckmann Band at Jimmy Love’s

It was a slow Sunday night around the Gaslamp, but Lance Dieckmann and Phil Diiorio with their band had a good groove going at Jimmy Love’s.  If you haven’t heard Lance play the harmonica or heard him sing, you are in for a treat with this video.  He’s one of the best harp players in the area and has a powerful voice.

In this next video I took, Phil Diiorio is singing one of my favorite Robert Cray cover songs, Right Next Door, with Lance on harp, Bob Prater on bass and Becky Russell on drums.  The stage lighting at Jimmy Love’s shines a red light where Phil is standing, which I wish they would change – its a distraction even when you are there, and I can’t edit it out.  Urg…