International Blues Competition – Round One

The annual International Blues Competition (IBC) is underway in San Diego.  Round one was held at Tio Leo’s this weekend, and our local blues society (Blues Lovers United San Diego is sponsoring and selecting a blues duo to compete in the event next January in Memphis.  Round two will be at Tio Leo’s next Saturday, where 5 more groups will compete.  The finals will be after that.

Here is Missy and Heine Andersen, who will go on to the finals in a couple of weeks, performing as an acoustic blues duo their original tune For Better or Worse.

And they also performed Stand Up and Dance.

San Diego Blues

Missy Andersen at Jimmy Love’s

Last night Missy Andersen brought her soulful R&B to Jimmy Loves and got people dancing with this Al Green cover song Love and Happiness.

Missy Andersen is back at Jimmy Love’s this Sunday 7-11pm, so if you missed her Friday you can hear her soulful R&B tomorrow night. She won’t be back again until the 28th of this month.