Another Good Jam Night at HOB

The JammingOut/BLUSD jam on Wednesday nights brings in new faces every week, and last night was no exception.  Bryan Whelan (on guitar) and Mellie Frances (vocals) showed up and they performed cover song, Thrill is Gone, with Irakli Aladash on bass and Steve Douglas on drums.

Monday Night Blues Jam

Here is some video from Monday night’s blues jam at the Speakeasy.  Fuzzy Rankins on lead guitar, Irakli Aladash on bass guitar and Patrick Jarrell on rhythm guitar, along with an out-of-town visitor, John Rokas, on drums.

Thanks to Irakli for sending me this clip.

Good Blues on Wednesdays at HOB

What a great night at House of Blues on the Voodoo Stage!  A number of musicians who happened to be in San Diego showed up to play, and the organizers for JammingOut Wednesdays  (Rosalea Schiavone, Doyle Thomas and Kevin Cooper) did a great job getting them all up to play.

In this video, LaMonte DeMille who has been playing the past year in Europe and just got back into town was on lead guitar and vocals, supported by Irakli Aladash on bass, Tony Garrick on drums and Brad Hanson on harmonica, who was visiting from Washington state.  We are going to see a lot more of LaMonte around town when he settles back into the area this Spring – check out his UTube videos at demac520.

At the end of the evening, a newcomer to the jam, Greg Dones got up to play bass and sang the cover song The Blues is Alright.  With him was Brad Hanson on harp, Packy B on guitar, and I didn’t catch who was on drums.  It was a fabulous ending to the jam.

John January Joins Monday Jam Night

Last night John January showed up at the SpeakEasy blues jam, and played the lead guitar and sang, along with Patrick Jerrell on rhythm guitar, Irakli Aladash on bass, Christine Gilardi on vocals and Karl Bradley on drums.

Not sure how to get the red-eye out of this iphone video.  Couldn’t do it with my editing software.  Anyone have a way to do this or to avoid it in the first place?

Later in the 3rd set, Fuzzy Rankins, who hosts the jam, finished up the night playing his cover song Down Home Blues, along with his drummer Bruce Hutcherson, and Bob Prater on bass, Patrick Jarrell on rhythm guitar, Justin Fools on harmonica, and a keyboardist I didn’t know.

The place was packed most of the night, so word is getting out how good this jam is!  See you there next Monday.

Leilani Joins in SpeakEasy Jam

Leilani Kilgore led the jam at the SpeakEasy last night with this Etta James cover song I’d Rather Go Blind. She’s just 17, but she has been out at the jams lately playing with local veteran musicians, and she holds her own.  With her on bass is Irakli Aladash, Bruce Hutcherson on drums, TC Tye on keyboard and Justin Fools playing the harmonica.

This video is long and a little too grainy particularly towards the end, but I wanted to capture the whole song.

There was a full house of musicians who came in to jam, but I wasn’t feeling so well and headed out early and missed the rest of it.  But I’ll be back next week.  This is becoming the place to go Monday nights for blues downtown, and it seems to just get better and better.


The Saxations at HOB Jam

The JammingOut BLUSD jam at House of Blues was hopping last night, and as usual there were lots of local musicians who showed up to jam.  You never know who will be there, and last night was a real treat to have two members of The Saxations quartet in the house.  Playing the sax were Leilani Vidal and Michelle Maynard, who joined Doyle Thomas on guitar and vocals, Chris Cooper on keyboard, Irakli Aladash on bass, and Michael Minor on drums to perform cover song Unchain My Heart.

Funky Blues Jam at SpeakEasy

Fuzzy Rankins hosts the Old School Blues Jam, and he amps it up and gets down with his funky blues.  Last night a number of people dropped in to play with him.  Joining Fuzzy in this clip is a young guy on guitar, calling himself Rambo (not wanting to give me his real name – I get that), Irakli Aladash on bass, and TC Tye on keyboards – along with his drummer, Bruce Hutcherson.

Later in the evening, Matt Meyer joined in on sax with Fuzzy to play the cover song So Sorry Baby, and Bob Prater took over on bass.  Enjoy, as I did.