Friday Night Blues in the Gaslamp

Two of my favorite local bands were playing last night just a block from each other in the Gaslamp.  Fuzzy Rankins blues band was at Patrick’s Pub and Whitney Shay (with her jazzy blues trio) was at the SpeakEasy which had a packed house.  No surprise with Whitney there!

Before Patrick’s got too crowded, I was able to get this video of Fuzzy doing his funked up version of Muddy Water’s great cover song Got My Mojo Working.  His band members last night were Ronnie Baumslater on bass and Michael Minor on drums.

Then I went over to the SpeakEasy to catch Whitney singing, Jodie Hill on bass and Marley Waak on the drums.  Everyone was having a great time.

San Diego Blues

Perfect Night for Summertime Jazz

I know lots of blues lovers also enjoy jazz, and I’m one of them.  While I don’t cover jazz on this site, Whitney Shay is part of our jazzy blues scene downtown, and she kicked off the 88.3 Jazz Summertime series at the Westgate hotel on Friday night.  The next event will be on June 6th.

Here’s Whitney and the JazzKats performing Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy on the Riviera Terrace of the hotel.  Whitey Shay is delightful.  Enjoy as I did!

San Diego Blues


Blues Calendar: Jan 13 – 19

Blues Calendar - Jan 13We have another full week of blues around town.  In addition to what’s on the calendar, Whitney Shay will be playing at the new Central Library (Park Blvd & J Street) this Wednesday 5:30-7:30.

And starting at 7pm that night is the Wednesday night BLUSD JammingOut on the free Voodoo Stage at House of Blues. As you can see from video I took last Wednesday, this jam brings in some great musicians.

There is also a youth jam on Saturday afternoon for kids under 22 years old at the Gaslamp SpeakEasy, which is always good.  We are hoping to see more talented kids at this blues jam, so don’t miss it if you are downtown.

Whitney Shay Quartet Jazzes Up SpeakEasy

The lovely Whitney Shay was at the SpeakEasy last night singing with her jazz quartet.  Many blues musicians also do jazz, and Whitney (as well as some of her band members) is one of them.  Her quartet includes Michael Peed on piano, Jodie Hill on bass, and Marley Waak on the drums.  Enjoy Whitney’s beautiful voice!