HOB Jam – Lafayette & Fuzzy Rankins Wrap it Up

The weekly blues jam at House of Blues went an extra hour last night and ended a great evening with Lafayette Falkquay (who is part of the weekly house jam band) and Fuzzy Rankins, who showed up to play.  They teamed up and had some fun wrapping up the evening!  Also on stage was Michael Minor on drums, Packy B on rhythm guitar and David Falkquay on bass.

I also want to mention the awesome host MC of the JammingOut BLUSD jam each week: Rosalea Schiavone, who organizes who goes up on stage and ensures everyone has a good time!

House of Blues Jam – Youth Band Takes the Night

A group of teenagers, who have their own bands, joined together and rocked the house for almost 40 minutes last night, and they can really play the blues.

On guitar are Leilani Kilgore and Tyler Ray Davidson (who is singing), on bass is Randon Davitt, and on drums Matt Fyke.  These kids also come and jam at the SpeakEasy the first Saturday of the month in the afternoon – although in December they will be playing on the 14th.  I will keep you posted with the calendar updates.

Lafayette at the SpeakEasy

Lafayette was playing his usual Tuesday night gig at the SpeakEasy with Ronnie Baumslater on bass and Chris Terrell on drums.  I’m afraid its pretty dark to really see this video (and that’s what makes the SpeakEasy such a great blues joint), but you can hear them and get a taste of Lafayette’s sound.

Walter’s Jam at Patrick’s

I got in from the cold northeast and headed over to Patrick’s last night.  There was a good crowd and a lot of folks jammin up on stage.  Here’s a clip of Jacob Levy singing (with a full stage of musicians with him – too many to mention).

If you enjoy hearing the sax, Walter’s Jam is a good place to go.  If Walter isn’t playing himself (and often he is), other sax (and trumpet) players often show up.

San Diego Blues Calendar: Nov 25th – Dec 1st

Blues Calendar - Nov 25

This week we’ve got another great mix of blues jams and bands around town.  Jams are happening Monday night at the SpeakEasy, Tuesday at Patricks and Wednesday at the Voodoo Lounge at the House of Blues (which isn’t on the calendar).

Wednesday night, we also have a lot of great blues in the Gaslamp.  So if you are staying in town for the holiday, enjoying catching a few of these gigs Wednesday night with your friends or family.

Calendar: Nov 18 – 24

Blues Calendar - Nov 18This is an unusual week; there isn’t any blues happening on Saturday downtown.  What Taryn Donath does is more jazz and a mix of other things with a bit of blues thrown in.    But there is plenty of great blues the rest of the week all over town.

There is also the Wednesday night jam hosted by BLUSD at House of Blues at 7pm. They aren’t on the schedule, since they don’t offer the drink discount.

I’m out of town all week, so if anyone gets some good video of bands playing this week, please put it up on YouTube and send me the link at alice@sandiegoblues.com.  I will then get it up on the site.  Thanks!  Enjoy!!

HOB Jam – Open Mike Night

You never know who is going to show up at the Wednesday night House of Blues jam.  Tonight we’ve got Ronnie Baumslater, usually on bass, playing the lead guitar and doing vocals.  With him are Kevin Cooper on bass, John Brooks on sax, and Bob Luke, visiting from Texas, playing the drums.