San Diego Blues Calendar: Aug 11th – 17th

Blues Calendar - Aug 11It is another lite week of San Diego blues downtown, and the only blues related music on Shelter Island will be Missy Andersen’s CD release party at Humphreys next Sunday from 4-6pm.  Missy is terrific, and she has lots of R&B blues fans, so get there early!

The only blues you will hear at Patrick’s Pub will be during the Tuesday night jam, and usually that jam has an R&B influence.  But if you like R&B… you will hear that Monday, Wednesday and Saturday there.

The Gaslamp SpeakEasy predictabily has great blues and bluesy jazz Mon-Sat nights from 9p-1am, and it is always good music.  Check out the videos I took of Annette DaBomb this past week, and of Stoney B with Lance Dieckmann.  I plan on getting much more video, so you can enjoy too if you can’t get there.

Friday Night Blues in the Gaslamp

Two of my favorite local bands were playing last night just a block from each other in the Gaslamp.  Fuzzy Rankins blues band was at Patrick’s Pub and Whitney Shay (with her jazzy blues trio) was at the SpeakEasy which had a packed house.  No surprise with Whitney there!

Before Patrick’s got too crowded, I was able to get this video of Fuzzy doing his funked up version of Muddy Water’s great cover song Got My Mojo Working.  His band members last night were Ronnie Baumslater on bass and Michael Minor on drums.

Then I went over to the SpeakEasy to catch Whitney singing, Jodie Hill on bass and Marley Waak on the drums.  Everyone was having a great time.

San Diego Blues

Blues on a Sunday Night at Patrick’s Pub

Patrick’s Pub almost always has blues on a Sunday night, and I went to hear some favorite locals: Len Rainey on bass and Johnny Vernazza on guitar, accompanied by Danny Martinez on drums.  These guys are all regulars at Patrick’s, and I always enjoy hearing them play.

Here’s Len singing cover song Kiddio.  Patrick’s is always dark, so it’s hard to get good crisp video.  I lightened it up, and it’s still grainy. But you can see and hear them fairly well.

And here they are performing cover song Born Under a Bad Sign.

San Diego Blues



Terry Hanck Band Comes to San Diego

Years ago, blues sax player Terry Hanck played in San Diego with Elvin Bishop when he was on tour out of San Francisco.  He was back in town on Sunday with his band at Patrick’s Pub.  Joining them on stage was Johnny Vernazza, who  used to play with both Elvin and Terry.

Patrick’s isn’t an easy place to get good quality video, but for the Terry Hanck fans, it will be fun to watch.

San Diego Blues

San Diego Blues Calendar: June 2nd – 8th

Blues Calendar - Jun 2

It is a pretty typical week for downtown San Diego blues, with most of it happening at the SpeakEasy and Patrick’s in the Gaslamp.

Hopefully Kona Kai’s renovations will wrap up soon on Shelter Island, and they will resume their schedule of blues a few times a week. It is a nice complement to Humphrey’s Backstage schedule (which is now a mix of blues on Mondays & R&B on many Thursdays and Sundays – along with their predominantly jazz calendar).

We seem to have more R&B bands getting booked this spring, which suggests the venues are getting more people out for that. I’m hoping we will see a trend back to more blues in the summer.

One other trend, that is drawing a nice crowd, is the 2-5pm blues at Hennessey’s/SpeakEasy. This past weekend was the Youth Blues Jam, which is always impressive, and this coming Saturday we will have John January & The Rare Creed!

Walter’s Chicken Wings Jam Night

It was a slow (always that way after a holiday weekend) but good jam night at Patrick’s Pub.  Here is a clip of newcomer to the jam, Fred Lawson, on bass and singing You Better Pray.  Great song and some great solos from Johnny Vernazza on guitar, Chuck Arcilla on sax, and Walter Gentry on sax – our beloved jam host, along with Matthew Burgher on drums.

Note: Video is a bit grainy and a few times out of focus, which happens when the lighting isn’t that good where the sax players stand.  But still very worth watching.

San Diego Blues

San Diego Blues Calendar: May 26th – June 1st

Blues Calendar - May 26

Memorial Day kicks off another full week of blues around town. This week most of the live blues is at the Gaslamp SpeakEasy, Patrick’s Pub and Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge. So it’s a bit light, but still lots of good music every single night.

At JammingOut at HOB this Wednesday there will be a local featured band, as they do now the last Wednesday of the month. This time it is Bi-Polar Express, who is also playing at the Harley Davidson in Little Italy next Saturday from noon-1:30.

And we have a band coming in from out of town on Sunday night, the Terry Hanck band (Terry plays sax) – based out of San Francisco, which will be playing at Patrick’s. They won the blues category in the International Songwriting Competition last year and are now back out on tour. I checked out their website, and they sound great!

San Diego Blues Calendar: May 19th – 25th

Blues Calendar - May 19 This week we have a nice mix of blues – from straight up blues to blues mixed in with zydeco, swing, jazz, R&B and soul.  Silky Sol is new in town – from St. Louis, and she has an amazing soul voice (think Aretha Franklin).  You can catch her Saturday afternoon at the SpeakEasy from 2-5pm.

Jams are happening as usual on Monday (Gaslamp SpeakEasy), Tuesday (Patrick’s Pub) and Wednesday (JammingOut at House of Blues AND also at Humphrey’s), so there are two jams now happening regularly on Wednesday nights.

NOTE: JammingOut at HOB on Wednesday will start at 9pm, not 7pm – this week only.

Blues Jam Rocking with Lots of Brass

Last night at Walter Gentry’s Chicken Wings blues jam at Patrick’s, we had a house full of brass (sax, trumpet and trombone).

In this video, visiting Australian Somerset Barnard is playing guitar and singing a Mojo Webb (another Australian bluesman) tune called Hands Like Mine.  The vocal sound quality isn’t that great, but the rest is really good and catches solos from everyone on stage.  Along with Somerset is Leonard Lee on guitar, Bert Hammer (visiting from Canada) on drums, Gary Stutts on bass, Steve Lang on harmonica, Chuck Arcilla on sax, Carlos Serrano on trumpet, Phil Lozano on trombone, and also on sax – a 21 year old I’m waiting to get the name of, who was amazing.

San Diego Blues

Full House at Walter’s Blues Jam

Walter Gentry’s Tuesday night jam was another packed evening on and off the stage.  Who ever said blues is boring hasn’t been to a San Diego jam!

Here we have Ray Zvetini playing guitar and singing an Albert King (and later Eric Clapton) cover song Crosscut Saw.  With him on stage are Doyle Thomas on guitar, Seth Webster on bass, Lisa Viegas on drums, Tim Sutherland on keyboard, Ray Brown on trumpet and John Brooks on sax.

Some of the musicians switched out and Ray Brown took over the vocals and belted out that great Commodore’s cover song Brick House.  Justin Fools joined in on harmonica, Fuzzy Rankins played the keyboard, Matt Taylor was back on drums, and I’m not sure who was playing the other guitar.  Seth was still on bass, John was on sax, and I didn’t catch who joined them on trumpet.  The sound got a bit loud, so it didn’t pick up too well on my mic.

Earlier that night, Somerset Barnard, visiting from Australia, was performing one of his own tunes Nobody’s Fault.  He was joined by Seth Webster on bass guitar, Johnny Vernazza on guitar, Matt Taylor on drums, Ray Brown on trumpet and John Brooks on sax.

San Diego Blues