Sweet Goodbye to Annette DaBomb

Last Thursday was Annette DaBomb’s final performance downtown at the Gaslamp Speakeasy, and it was bittersweet to me.  I’ve come to love her and her beautiful voice.

Annette DaBomb & the Bomb Squad

Here’s Annette with her Bomb Squad musicians, long-time drummer Tony Peterson, keyboardist Alan Zundelevich, and bass player Cecil McBee.

And some video I took the week before of Annette singing that great cover song Everyday I Have the Blues.

San Diego Blues

Fuzzy Rankins Band at Patrick’s

Its been a while since Fuzzy and his band has played at Patrick’s Pub, and he was back last night to a good crowd.  He will be back there again later this month on the 30th!

I wasn’t able to get the whole song (cover song You Talk Too Much) in this clip, which is a shame.  I realized half way into it that my video wasn’t actually recording, but the rest is pretty good of TC Tye on keys, Bruce Hutcherson on drums, Cecil McBee on bass, Fuzzy, and an out-of-town harmonica player, Danny Thornburry from Louisville, KY.

Last Gig at Croce’s in the Gaslamp

Last night was the last evening Fuzzy Rankins and his band played at Croce’s before they move.  They have been playing there for many years, so I wanted to catch their last evening in this location.  I’m so glad I did.  A couple of musicians showed up, who ended up playing with Fuzzy, which added to the night.

One of the highlights was when TC Tye took over the keys and sang one of Jim Croce’s hit cover songs, You Don’t Mess Around With Jim.  It was a fitting tribute for the evening.

Fuzzy and his band (with Bruce Hutherson on drums, Cecil McBee on bass and Hindy Bare on keyboards) played a night full of blues, including that great BB King cover song, The Thrill is Gone.

And at one point Alvin Dawkins took over the bass from Cecil, and they played this next song, where Alvin and Hindy both did solos.