Tuesday Night Southern Blues

Lafayette can steal your heart with his deep southern blues, romanticism and playful charm, and I try to catch him on Tuesday nights where he plays regularly at the Gaslamp SpeakEasy.

Here he is performing Sonny Boy Williams’ cover song Dr Feelgood, with his band members, Chris Terrell on drums and Ronnie Baumslater on bass.  The lighting is better now at the SpeakEasy, but it is still tough to fully capture Lafayette who almost always wears black.  When the lighting isn’t good, the video gets a bit blurry, but most of it is pretty good.

In this video Lafayette sings about that Little Girl of Mine.  I’m not sure who wrote the song, or who was playing the electric acoustic guitar who was sitting in with them last night.

San Diego Blues


Friday Night Blues in the Gaslamp

Two of my favorite local bands were playing last night just a block from each other in the Gaslamp.  Fuzzy Rankins blues band was at Patrick’s Pub and Whitney Shay (with her jazzy blues trio) was at the SpeakEasy which had a packed house.  No surprise with Whitney there!

Before Patrick’s got too crowded, I was able to get this video of Fuzzy doing his funked up version of Muddy Water’s great cover song Got My Mojo Working.  His band members last night were Ronnie Baumslater on bass and Michael Minor on drums.

Then I went over to the SpeakEasy to catch Whitney singing, Jodie Hill on bass and Marley Waak on the drums.  Everyone was having a great time.

San Diego Blues

Tuesday Night Turns Into Lafayette and Friends

Every Tuesday night Lafayette Falkquay and his blues band plays at the Gaslamp SpeakEasy.  On drums is Billy Wear and on bass is Ronnie Baumslater.  This Tuesday he was also joined by harmonica player, Doug Camphuis (who played with Lafayette a number of years ago), doing one of Lafayette’s signature cover songs… Black Cat Bone.

A former drummer also stopped in to play with the band, Frank Alverez, and here he is playing with other friends who came in that night: Fuzzy Rankins on guitar and Ms Silky Sol (Red Afro Queen) as they perform cover song Rock Me Baby.

And later on Ronnie took over the mike to sing Skin Tight.  Not exactly blues, but rounded out the evening perfectly.

San Diego Blues

Lafayette Doing His Thing

This is a good video of Lafayette Falkquay and his blues band performing cover song Black Cat Bone this past Saturday night.  Doc Holiday was playing keyboards, Ronnie Baumslater was on bass (can’t fix that red light that’s on him unfortunately), and Billy Wear was on drums.

San Diego Blues

Tuesday Nights with Lafayette

Every Tuesday night you can catch Lafayette Falkquay and his blues band playing at the Gaslamp SpeakEasy.  Lafayette is one of those southern bluesman you don’t get to hear often enough, so its always a treat for me to listen to him perform.  Here is a video from last night with Lafayette singing Going to Louisiana, supported by Chris Terrell on drums and Ronnie Baumslater on bass.

Lafayette at the SpeakEasy

Lafayette was playing his usual Tuesday night gig at the SpeakEasy with Ronnie Baumslater on bass and Chris Terrell on drums.  I’m afraid its pretty dark to really see this video (and that’s what makes the SpeakEasy such a great blues joint), but you can hear them and get a taste of Lafayette’s sound.

HOB Jam – Open Mike Night

You never know who is going to show up at the Wednesday night House of Blues jam.  Tonight we’ve got Ronnie Baumslater, usually on bass, playing the lead guitar and doing vocals.  With him are Kevin Cooper on bass, John Brooks on sax, and Bob Luke, visiting from Texas, playing the drums.