Talented Kids Show Up at Youth Blues Jam

Once again some incredible talented young people (up to 21 years old) showed up and played together last Saturday afternoon at the monthly BLUSD Youth Blues Jam at the Gaslamp Speakeasy.

The host musicians are Leilani Kilgore (guitar – playing over her head in this video), Tyler Ray Davidson (guitar) and Malachi Johnson (on drums).  Joining them in this video is Victor franklin, who is playing the bass guitar.

In this video, Aidan Mooney, who is only 9 years old, plays the guitar with the older teens hosting the jam – and holds his own!!

San Diego Blues

2 thoughts on “Talented Kids Show Up at Youth Blues Jam

  1. This sounds really cool. I have two sons that play guitar and drums, and they would love to participate in this. Can you please tell me the date and location of the next youth blues jam? Thank you.

    • Hi Jason, the next jam is Saturday the 31st from 2-5pm at the SpeakEasy (4th Ave and G – next to Hennessey’s) downtown. The Youth Blues Jam will be on the last Saturday of the month through August, and then I believe it shifts back to the 3rd Saturday. Your kids will have a great time!

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