San Diego Blues Calendar: May 19th – 25th

Blues Calendar - May 19 This week we have a nice mix of blues – from straight up blues to blues mixed in with zydeco, swing, jazz, R&B and soul.  Silky Sol is new in town – from St. Louis, and she has an amazing soul voice (think Aretha Franklin).  You can catch her Saturday afternoon at the SpeakEasy from 2-5pm.

Jams are happening as usual on Monday (Gaslamp SpeakEasy), Tuesday (Patrick’s Pub) and Wednesday (JammingOut at House of Blues AND also at Humphrey’s), so there are two jams now happening regularly on Wednesday nights.

NOTE: JammingOut at HOB on Wednesday will start at 9pm, not 7pm – this week only.

San Diego Blues Calendar: May 12th– 18th

Blues Calendar - May 12

This is an interesting blues week.  Most of the bands that are scheduled are not fully blues, but more soul, R&B, zydeco, country and pop.  The jams will have the most straight up blues, with the exception of Christian Hastings (Mon), Lafayette (Tues) and Bill Magee’s band (Thurs) – they are all blues!

Wednesday is becoming jam night, with open mic at House of Blues, Humphrey’s and out at Proud Mary’s (in Kearney Mesa).  And of course there is Walter’s jam on Tuesday and Fuzzy’s jam on Monday.

The JammingOut/BLUSD jam at House of Blues will be held downstairs this week in the Delta Room to celebrate their 1st year anniversary.  I’ll be there for sure!

Mixing it Up at Wednesday Night Jam

Each week a new mix of musicians shows up at the JammingOut & BLUSD jam (at House of Blues Voodoo Stage) and gets randomly assigned to get up on stage together.  Last night Bobby Hayse, from Indiana, came in and sang cover song Mustang Sally, along with Brandon Cerquedo on guitar (who did the solo in this clip), Doyle Thomas on guitar, Jim Holtz on bass and Tony Garrick on drums.

San Diego Blues

Jammin at HOB Wed Night Jam

There was a good mix of musicians at the weekly blues jam at House of Blues again this week.  I got there a bit late, and missed a lot of it.  But I did catch Tony Garrick singing Freddie King’s cover song I’m Tore Down (and playing the drums) along with Dale Davis on bass, Nicholas Butterfield on guitar and Junya Isogawa on guitar (who you see first in this video).  Enjoy as I did!

San Diego Blues Calendar: Mar 3 – 9

Blues Calendar - Mar 3It’s Mardi Gras in the gaslamp!, and Annette DaBomb & her Bomb Squad will be playing at the House of Blues Tuesday night as part of the festivities.

There is plenty of other live blues around town this week, so I hope to see you out there!!   And please don’t forget to tip our hard-working musicians.

Fun Night at HOB Blues Jam

It was one of those quiet nights all across the Gaslamp with the threat of rain.  But while few people were out last night, the music still rocked.  At the House of Blues, the weekly jam brought in an interesting mix of musicians and sounds, and I got lots of room to dance!

The night started off with members of the JammingOut’s “house band” (Lafayette Falkquay on vocals – without his infamous guitar this time, and Kevin Cooper on bass guitar) along with Steve Douglas on drums, Junya Isogawa on guitar, Nicholas Butterfield on guitar, and Donna Larsen joining Lafayette on vocals.

Next Nicolas Butterfield sang John Mayer’s cover song Gravity, which always moves me.  Its a beautiful song.  Barry Farrar replaced Steve on drums for this part of the evening.

And then we had some jazz when Paula Mandell got up to sing Billie Holiday’s cover song Fine & Mellow, which was such a treat.  She has the voice for this song.

And last, Rebekah Ensley, gave us a beautiful acapella singing Kimbra’s cover Withdrawal.

Mix of Blues & Reggae Jam at HOB

Wednesdays are one of my favorite blues nights of the week and usually starts at the JammingOut ( and BLUSD ( blues jams on the free stage at House of Blues. Last night was a full house of musicians who got up to play throughout the evening and an audience of locals and visitors.

Christine Gilardi took the lead and rocked the house singing and playing guitar to the great Etta James cover song The Sky is Crying in this video.  She is accompanied by Neil Jones on lead guitar, Junya Isogawa on guitar, Kevin Cooper on bass and Rene Wooley on drums.

We don’t hear reggae too often at this jam, but Rosalie Thomas showed up with her steel drums and delighted us with the UB40 cover song I Want to Make You Sweat.  Also on stage was Michael Minor on drums, Kevin Cooper on bass (and vocals) and Ray Zvetina on guitar.

Blues Calendar: Feb 17-23

Blues Calendar - Feb 17

This week we have another good line up of blues jams and bands around town.

In addition… at the House of Blues, Lafayette Blues Band will be playing Thursday night 7-11 and the weekly Wednesday night jam is also happening there from 7-11.  Hope to see you there!

Another Good Jam Night at HOB

I got to the jam late and heard that I’d missed some incredible blues singers, who had just gotten off the stage.  That happens at this jam, where talented musicians and singers often show up and if you aren’t there to catch them….

But I wasn’t disappointed for long.  Rich Giglio, a local San Diego guitarist and vocalist, went up with Ron Ordon on bass guitar, Jaz Jaszewski on guitar and Kevin Cooper (who usually plays bass) on drums.  Here they are doing a Stevie Ray Vaughn cover song, Flood Down in Texas.

Blues Calendar: Feb 3 – 9

Blues Calendar - Feb 3This week there is more blues happening at Kona Kai and at House of Blues, which isn’t on the schedule since they don’t offer the drink discount.  There is the weekly BLUSD jam (Blues Lovers United of San Diego – go to to support our local blues society!) on Wednesday nights from 7-11pm and this week Lafayette and his blues band will also be on the HOB free stage on Friday night starting at 7pm.

Jams are also happening Monday night at the SpeakEasy, Tuesday at Patrick’s and Thursday at Spaguetteria in Little Italy.  And up at Croce’s Park West in Banker’s Hill, Fuzzy Rankins Blues Band will be playing Friday night starting at 8pm.