San Diego Blues Calendar: Sept 22nd – 28th

Blues Calendar - Sept 22I’m happy to say we have a much fuller week of blues bands and jams downtown and out on Shelter Island.

At the JammingOut at HOB, there will be a featured local blues band The Little Kings performing early in the evening, probably between 8-9pm.  They are also playing again at SpeakEasy on Friday night.

The Youth Blues Jam is Saturday afternoon at Hennessey’s (they have moved over from the SpeakEasy for these monthly jams).

And new on the schedule is Spike Africa Fresh Fish Grill & Bar at the corner of 4th and Broadway.  They have live music Friday through Sunday, and blues is part of the line up.  This coming Friday you can catch Big Jon Atkinson playing there.



San Diego Blues Calendar: Sept 15th – 21st

Blues Calendar - Sept 15

This is an unusual week for San Diego blues music. The JammingOut at HOB has been cancelled for a private event, and it is light all across town. Only the SpeakEasy has a full slate of blues Monday through Saturday. One of the reasons is not enough people are coming out to hear the blues. We are losing more venues who play the blues or who are consistently booking blues bands. Save the live blues music downtown by supporting it!!

San Diego Blues Calendar: Sept 8th – 14th

Blues Calendar - Sept 8

We have a nice mix of San Diego Blues bands and jams around the downtown this week every night.

Greystone is a new restaurant in the Gaslamp, where Stoney B will be playing on Friday night.  It is great to see another venue downtown support live music.  We lost a lot of venues for blues and live music this past year, so check it out.

There’s a bit of blues over on Shelter Island and some folks playing we don’t often see downtown, including Chet Cannon and LaMonte DeMille.  And for those who love Missy Andersen, there are two opportunities to see her at Humphrey’s and Kona Kai.

San Diego Blues Calendar: Sept 1st – 7th

Blues Calendar - Sept 1

There’s a nice mix of San Diego blues this week around town, and most of it is at the Gaslamp SpeakEasy, Humphrey’s and Patrick’s Pub.  The times I have on the calendar for Humphrey’s is an hour later than posted on their site, because often they start late.

Some of the best blues can happen at the jams, which are on Mondays (SpeakEasy), Tuesdays (Patrick’s) and Wednesdays (House of Blues).

In a month (Oct 6th), we will have the San Diego Music Awards and they include best live band (Whitney Shay has been nominated), best blues band and best blues album.  Please vote for your favorite bands and musicians.  You can vote every day if you want  at

San Diego Blues Calendar: Aug 25th – 31st

Blues Calendar - Aug 25This week most of the live blues music downtown happens Monday-Thursday and again on Saturday.  The weekends are often light, but this Labor Day weekend will be particularly slow, although Saturday at the Gaslamp SpeakEasy there will be 2 blues events – one in the afternoon with super talented young adults and kids, and another in the later evening with Stoney B Blues.

On Tuesday night, there is a great line up of blues bands and musicians at Proud Mary’s in Kearny Mesa (at the Ramada) who are coming together to raise money for local blues musician, Leo Dombecki, who needs help with medical expenses.  It isn’t on my calendar, since its out of the downtown area.  But it will be a great night there.

This Wednesday at the House of Blues, there will be a featured local band at the blues jam, as there is the last Wed of evert month.  This time it will be Leilani Kilgore & the Voodoo Electrics – a band formed out of the youth jams with extremely talented young adults who are committed to playing the blues and keeping the blues alive!

San Diego Blues Calendar: Aug 18th – 24th

Blues Calendar - Aug 18We have a good week of San Diego blues bands, blues jams and bluesy jazz artists coming up – even naughty dirty blues and jazz on Friday night with Whitney Shay, Robin Henkel and Sue Palmer.

Stoney B will now be playing the blues on the first 3 Wednesday nights of each month at the SpeakEasy, where Lance Dieckmann has been playing the past year or so, but Lance will be back…  he will be stopping in to join Stoney from time to time.  The 4th Wed of the month will be a bluesfest.

Heads up, Stoney will be holding his annual Blues Summit on Sunday October 5th in the late afternoon, so put that on your calendars.  It’s always a great event.  More to come…

And this Sunday is the annual BLUSD (local blues society) member appreciation party (non-members also welcome) at Tio Leos (2-6pm), featuring Kid Ramos, Scoty Williams, Mercedes Moore, Taryn Donath, Eric Lieberman, Jon Atkinson, Marcus Bashore, Missy Andersen, and others.  I hope you’ll be able to make it.

San Diego Blues Calendar: Aug 11th – 17th

Blues Calendar - Aug 11It is another lite week of San Diego blues downtown, and the only blues related music on Shelter Island will be Missy Andersen’s CD release party at Humphreys next Sunday from 4-6pm.  Missy is terrific, and she has lots of R&B blues fans, so get there early!

The only blues you will hear at Patrick’s Pub will be during the Tuesday night jam, and usually that jam has an R&B influence.  But if you like R&B… you will hear that Monday, Wednesday and Saturday there.

The Gaslamp SpeakEasy predictabily has great blues and bluesy jazz Mon-Sat nights from 9p-1am, and it is always good music.  Check out the videos I took of Annette DaBomb this past week, and of Stoney B with Lance Dieckmann.  I plan on getting much more video, so you can enjoy too if you can’t get there.

San Diego Blues Calendar: Aug 4th – 10th

Blues Calendar - Aug 4
Monday through Thursday this week, we have lots of San Diego blues to choose from. It is lite over the weekend, which isn’t unusual downtown. But Patrick’s, which usually has some blues, will be mostly rock so they aren’t on the schedule for Friday or Sunday.

Humphrey’s on the other hand has lots of blues this week, and on Wednesday evening some powerful R&B/blues with Ms Silky Sol, who is new to the San Diego scene from St. Louis (where she has a great following). She is a raw, tell-it-like-it-is powerhouse with an incredible voice.  Go check her out!

San Diego Blues Calendar: July 28th – Aug 3rd

Blues Calendar - July 28This week is a lot like last week – no San Diego blues at Kona Kai and not much blues at Patrick’s Gaslamp Pub.  But it’s a good week at Humphrey’s Backstage and SpeakEasy (as usual).  And the blues jams… well you never know, because you never know who might show up or who happens to be in town, and it can blow you away when it all lines up.

I’m learning that Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge doesn’t tend to start on time and can be an hour off, so for now I’m going to list the times one hour later than they post on their website.  Just a heads up.

San Diego Blues Calendar: July 21st – 27th

Blues Calendar - July 21This week is a bit different than a typical San Diego blues week around downtown.

There is very little blues playing at Patrick’s Pub, the SpeakEasy has a private Comic Con event on Friday night, and there are no blues out at Kona Kai.  The Youth Blues Jam, which was scheduled for the last Sat of the month at SpeakEasy, is also canceled because of Comic Con.

On the other hand, Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge has a bit more blues, including the Billy Thompson Band (originally based in San Diego) on Tuesday night and Michele Lundeen (blues/soul/R&B) is there tonight.  She’s also at the Organ Pavilion in Balboa Park on Wednesday evening 6:15-7:15.