San Diego Blues Calendar: Oct 13th – 19th

Blues Calendar - Oct 13We’ve got blues every day this coming week, even Sunday, which is a treat.  For those of you who go to the weekly blues jam at the House of Blues (JammingOut at HOB), be aware that it will be held Thursday this week (not Wednesday).

Saturday afternoon at Tio Leo’s will be the final round of the San Diego blues competition for duo performers, where the finalist (from the 4 who have been selected out of the first 2 rounds) will represent us in the International Blues Competition (IBC) in Memphis next January.  Missy & Heine Andersen, John Frazer, Ben Powell, and Andres Acuna with Eddie Sadler are in the final four.

Stoney B Blues Summit Rocked the House – Michele Lundeen & Annette DaBomb

Two of my favorite soulful blues singers in San Diego were at the Stoney B Summit last Sunday night, and they were fantastic.

Michele isn’t called the Queen of Steam for nothing.  Here she is singing one of her original songs, Song Inside Me (title of her CD – great CD!, which you can get link to it on my Tunes page).  She’s singing with Charles Burton on guitar (who also performed on her CD), Ric Lee on drums, John Simons on bass and special guest Irv Goldstein on the organ.

In this video Michele is singing another one of her originals, also on that same CD, called Blues is a Feeling.  Great song.

Here is Annette DaBomb singing cover song Got My Mojo Working, with Andres Acuna on guitar, Doc Holiday on keyboards, Bob Prater on bass, Tony Peterson on drums, and Zach Cole harmonica.

San Diego Blues

San Diego Blues Calendar: Sept 29th – Oct 5th

Blues Calendar - Sept 29

We have a great week of live San Diego blues music around town! There is a lot happening in the Gaslamp, on Shelter Island and even a night in Little Italy.

Tonight we have the weekly and popular blues jam at the SpeakEasy, Walter Gentry’s R&B band at Patrick’s and a beautiful blues singer, Janice Edwards, out at Humphrey’s. What a great way to kick off the week. Enjoy!!

San Diego Blues Calendar: Sept 8th – 14th

Blues Calendar - Sept 8

We have a nice mix of San Diego Blues bands and jams around the downtown this week every night.

Greystone is a new restaurant in the Gaslamp, where Stoney B will be playing on Friday night.  It is great to see another venue downtown support live music.  We lost a lot of venues for blues and live music this past year, so check it out.

There’s a bit of blues over on Shelter Island and some folks playing we don’t often see downtown, including Chet Cannon and LaMonte DeMille.  And for those who love Missy Andersen, there are two opportunities to see her at Humphrey’s and Kona Kai.

Queen of Steam at Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge

One of my favorite female blues singers is Michele Lundeen, and she performs downtown fairly often – mostly at Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge.  She will be back there next week on Tuesday the 16th 7pm.

I was there Friday night and got this video of her singing the cover song Some Kind of Wonderful with her band.  I need to get more video of her!!   She’s good and lots of fun, and she owns up to her name – the Queen of Steam.

San Diego Blues

Stoney B is Back in San Diego

Stoney B has been in New Orleans for the last year, and he’s back playing in San Diego to the delight of local blues fans, including me. He is the real deal – a great blues man who plays the guitar and sings with a passion, grit, storytelling and talent you can never get enough of.

He was playing with Lance Dieckmann’s band at the SpeakEasy the past couple of weeks, and that may be where you’ll find him for a while. Here he is performing Jimi Hendrix’ great cover song, Red House. The lighting at the SpeakEasy makes this video a bit grainy and out of focus, but it is worth viewing. I will get more videos of Stoney, and hopefully better quality.

San Diego Blues

San Diego Blues Calendar: July 28th – Aug 3rd

Blues Calendar - July 28This week is a lot like last week – no San Diego blues at Kona Kai and not much blues at Patrick’s Gaslamp Pub.  But it’s a good week at Humphrey’s Backstage and SpeakEasy (as usual).  And the blues jams… well you never know, because you never know who might show up or who happens to be in town, and it can blow you away when it all lines up.

I’m learning that Humphrey’s Backstage Lounge doesn’t tend to start on time and can be an hour off, so for now I’m going to list the times one hour later than they post on their website.  Just a heads up.

San Diego Blues Calendar: July 14th – 20th

Blues Calendar - July 14

It’s a fairly typical San Diego blues week around downtown, although a bit light for straight up blues at Patrick’s and just one night of blues at Humphrey’s.

There is more R&D/soul bands performing than blues bands, so you might want to check out the jams if you want blues on Monday (SpeakEasy), Tuesday (Patrick’s – often has some R&B too) and Wednesday (JammingOut at HOB).

San Diego Blues Calendar: July 7th – 13th

Blues Calendar - July 7

There is bit more blues this week than we’ve had downtown for a while, and one reason is the reopening of the Kona Kai lounge after their Spring renovations.  Missy Andersen will be back there on Wednesday and Gino & Jade are also back!!

I’ve also added the Coronado Ferry Landing to the calendar, since they play blues there periodically on Sunday afternoons.  This week is Blue Frog Blues.

And of course we have the usual San Diego blues jams on Mondays (SpeakEasy), Tuesdays (Patrick’s) and Wednesdays at the House of Blues free stage.  I’m also pleased that Patrick’s has mostly blues again this week, so it’s another great week of blues every single night.

Blues on a Sunday Night at Patrick’s Pub

Patrick’s Pub almost always has blues on a Sunday night, and I went to hear some favorite locals: Len Rainey on bass and Johnny Vernazza on guitar, accompanied by Danny Martinez on drums.  These guys are all regulars at Patrick’s, and I always enjoy hearing them play.

Here’s Len singing cover song Kiddio.  Patrick’s is always dark, so it’s hard to get good crisp video.  I lightened it up, and it’s still grainy. But you can see and hear them fairly well.

And here they are performing cover song Born Under a Bad Sign.

San Diego Blues