To hear recorded songs by specific San Diego blues musicians, check out these links…

CDs & Sample Tracks
Bayou Brothers – Santa Digs Zydeco
Charles Burton – Sweet Potato Pie
Charles Burton – Favorites
Bill Magee – Low Down Dirty Blues
Bill Magee – Good Morning Mississippi
Michele Lundeen – Song Inside Me
Missy Andersen – Missy Andersen
Fuzzy Rankins – Take a Brother Home
Fuzzy Rankins – Good Lovin
Whitney Shay – Soul Tonic

ReverbNation Sample Songs
Annette DaBomb
Bayou Brothers
Chicken Bone Slim
Fuzzy Rankins
Irakli Aladash
Kevin Cooper
Lafayette Falkquay
Lance Dieckmann
Mercedes Moore
Michele Lundeen
Mik Winner
Missy Andersen
Phil Diiorio
Whitney Shay

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  1. Alice…. my last name is spelled incorrect… the correct spelling of my last name is
    Damaso….. you have Damasco… which is incorrect… Thanks for the posting of me playing with the jammers. Excellent work…. i’ll be seeing you soon…..
    JAM ON!!!!!!

    David Damaso

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