Missy & Heine Andersen Win the San Diego Blues Competition

Congratulations to Missy and Heine for winning the solo/duo San Diego International Blues Competition (IBC).  They will represent us at the annual IBC in Memphis this coming January.  See the video of them from my post 2 weeks ago.

Also performing was Harmonica John Frazer, playing the harp and guitar while performing this well known Sonny Boy Williamson cover song, Help Me.

As well as Ben Powell, who won the local competition two years ago.  Here is Ben performing a Blind Willie Johnson cover tune, Bye and Bye I’m Going to See the King.  As Ben shared with us, the songs he likes to perform are the older country blues songs of the 1920s and 30s, and they are wonderful tunes.

Here’s Ben playing and singing his tune Away From Home.

And another one of Ben performing Sitting On Top of The World

And last but not least, Andres Acuna (who used to play in Annette DaBomb’s band) and Eddie Sadler were also in the final round.  I didn’t get video of them (ran out of memory ;( , but they were also very good.

San Diego Blues

International Blues Competition – Round One

The annual International Blues Competition (IBC) is underway in San Diego.  Round one was held at Tio Leo’s this weekend, and our local blues society (Blues Lovers United San Diego www.blusd.org) is sponsoring and selecting a blues duo to compete in the event next January in Memphis.  Round two will be at Tio Leo’s next Saturday, where 5 more groups will compete.  The finals will be after that.

Here is Missy and Heine Andersen, who will go on to the finals in a couple of weeks, performing as an acoustic blues duo their original tune For Better or Worse.

And they also performed Stand Up and Dance.

San Diego Blues