Blues on a Sunday Night at Patrick’s Pub

Patrick’s Pub almost always has blues on a Sunday night, and I went to hear some favorite locals: Len Rainey on bass and Johnny Vernazza on guitar, accompanied by Danny Martinez on drums.  These guys are all regulars at Patrick’s, and I always enjoy hearing them play.

Here’s Len singing cover song Kiddio.  Patrick’s is always dark, so it’s hard to get good crisp video.  I lightened it up, and it’s still grainy. But you can see and hear them fairly well.

And here they are performing cover song Born Under a Bad Sign.

San Diego Blues



Terry Hanck Band Comes to San Diego

Years ago, blues sax player Terry Hanck played in San Diego with Elvin Bishop when he was on tour out of San Francisco.  He was back in town on Sunday with his band at Patrick’s Pub.  Joining them on stage was Johnny Vernazza, who  used to play with both Elvin and Terry.

Patrick’s isn’t an easy place to get good quality video, but for the Terry Hanck fans, it will be fun to watch.

San Diego Blues

Walter’s Chicken Wings Jam Night

It was a slow (always that way after a holiday weekend) but good jam night at Patrick’s Pub.  Here is a clip of newcomer to the jam, Fred Lawson, on bass and singing You Better Pray.  Great song and some great solos from Johnny Vernazza on guitar, Chuck Arcilla on sax, and Walter Gentry on sax – our beloved jam host, along with Matthew Burgher on drums.

Note: Video is a bit grainy and a few times out of focus, which happens when the lighting isn’t that good where the sax players stand.  But still very worth watching.

San Diego Blues

Hummin at Walter’s Tuesday Blues Jam

Here’s a clip from Walter’s weekly Chicken Wings Jam at Patrick’s Pub.  I’m afraid it’s a bit grainy and dark, but it captures Shaaron Schuemaker on bass and singing that great cover song You Got Me Hummin, along with “Harmonica John” Frazer on harp, Johnny Vernazza on guitar (not sure who other guitarist was), Matt Taylor on drums, Tim Sutherland on keyboard, Chuck Arcilla on the sax, and Phil Lozano on trombone.

San Diego Blues

Walter’s Blues Jam Hits the Spot

I’ve been away too long from Walter’s weekly blues jam at Patrick’s Pub, which always brings in a great crowd and a good group of musicians each week.  All the different blues jams around town are unique and draw in a different mix of musicians from each other, and this jam is always lively, jammin and a good time!  I will be back more often 😉

Last night’s jam started at 9pm with members of the house jam band (who give up their spots to other musicians who come in after the first set) and last night they included Johnny Vernazza on guitar, Victor Marquez on guitar, Jim Reeves on bass guitar, Matt Taylor on drums, Tim Sutherland on keyboard, Chuck Arcilla playing the sax, Lampchops (Carlos Serrano) on trumpet and Phil Lozano on trombone.  Most of these guys have their own bands, and you can find them around town on other nights.

In this clip, Victor Marquez takes the lead with BB King cover song Why I Sing the Blues.

And in this clip, Johnny Vernazza leads and sings Buddy Guy’s cover song Talk to Me Baby.

Len Rainey & Midnight Players

Len Rainey has Chicago roots, and you can hear it in the way he plays the blues.  You can find him regularly at Patrick’s Pub and Humphreys.

Last night I finally got some video of his band playing at Patrick’s, which includes Walter Gentry on sax, Johnny Vernazza on guitar, Matt on drums, and Len singing and playing bass.  Here he is performing a favorite cover song Black Cat Bone.


Walter Gentry and the G-Men’s R&B

Local sax player, Walter Gentry and his G-Men band play Rhythm & Blues, Soul and little bit of rock on Monday nights at Patrick’s Gaslamp Pub.  I was there last night catching them perform the cover song so many of us know: Superstition.

Francious Simms has a great voice for this song, and he’s supported by Johnny Vernazza on guitar, Walter on sax (hard to see him with the lighting), Larry Morgan on bass (also a bit too dark to really see) and Leon Wesley on drums.