House of Blues Jam – Youth Band Takes the Night

A group of teenagers, who have their own bands, joined together and rocked the house for almost 40 minutes last night, and they can really play the blues.

On guitar are Leilani Kilgore and Tyler Ray Davidson (who is singing), on bass is Randon Davitt, and on drums Matt Fyke.  These kids also come and jam at the SpeakEasy the first Saturday of the month in the afternoon – although in December they will be playing on the 14th.  I will keep you posted with the calendar updates.

2 thoughts on “House of Blues Jam – Youth Band Takes the Night

    • Hi Lucky, I did and I thought it was up, so thanks for checking. I had left the post in draft, but its up now!
      And there was a 3rd video, which is not in the post but is on my UTube channel. See you soon, Alice

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